The Best Stretching Machines

The Best Stretching Machines

Stretching equipment like the Precor stretch trainer have greatly increased in popularity throughout the health and fitness industry. Today’s technology continues to give us a better understanding of the importance of being balanced with strength and flexibility. Knowing the value of flexibility, a small investment for a stretching machine can be a great answer to make sure you continually stretch at home on a daily basis. The question is to understand which stretching machine is for you. Today I am going to try and help you get a clear understanding of each stretching machine that I have had the opportunity to test.

Best Overall Stretching Machine

Precor Stretch Trainer

The Precor Stretch Trainer is a great piece of equipment for flexibility incorporating full-body flexibility. I had used this piece of equipment multiple times and loved it every time I got the opportunity to stretch on it, primarily using it at hotels when I traveled. What I loved about it was how easy it was to use with the large graphic instructions on the handle-bar area. The Precor stretch trainer has 8 basic full body stretches that you can perform. It is always perfect after traveling allowing me to stretch my hips and lower back. After having the opportunity to try a few of Precor’s competitors whole-body stretching machines I bought the Precor stretch trainer on amazon and I still use it every day!

Best Runner-up Stretching Machine

Motive Fitness Total Stretch TS200

The Motive Fitness Total Stretch offers two more stretches than the Precor stretch trainer coming in at 10 stretches. However with those extra two stretches comes a higher price tag than its primary competitor. This stretching machine is sturdy and great for your whole family. The higher price tag will show in quality compared to some of the lower priced stretching machines but because of the higher price tag and some inconsistent shipping issues it is my runner-up.

Best Split Stretcher

Proforce Stretchmaster Leg Stretcher

First what impressed me most about the Proforce Stretchmaster was how sturdy it is compared to the other split stretchers tested. I also loved the fact that when it arrived it was fully assembled. A few of the competitors came with terrible assembly instructions and were a nightmare to assemble. This split stretcher is easy to use and it automatically locks into place while holding stretches. Just like any other stretching machine it only works if you commit to consistent use.

Best Split Stretcher under $50.00

FIGROL Leg Split Stretching Machine

If you want to improve your split stretching but don’t want to spend the $200-$300 dollars on the high-end split stretchers you are still in luck. There are a lot of options with smaller split stretchers however they are not as durable as the split stretching machines. These stretchers still get the job done of increasing your split flexibility without breaking the bank. I personally like the Figrol Leg Split Stretching Machine for the value.

Alternate Stretching Device

IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device

The IdealStretch hamstring stretching machine is an inexpensive stretching device to isolate the hamstring, adductors, calves and IT band. The IdealStretch is easy to use device with a comprehensive stretching guide.

The Best Stretching Machine Conclusion

Flexibility like any other exercise must be done on a consistent basis to see results. Gaining flexibility is a long slow process so stick with it on a daily basis. If you miss a day don’t worry about it, everything isn’t lost. It’s when you start missing a week at a time you will quickly reverse the effects of your flexibility gains. Give yourself at least 4 weeks to see the results of your flexibility give before comparing to day one. Good luck and happy stretching!

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