Active Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Active Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

One of the best ways to stretch your hip flexors is from a kneeling position. There are multiple variations of active kneeling hip flexor stretches so I will go over my top 3. All 3 of these kneeling hip flexor stretches will help you release your hip flexors. Tight hip flexors left alone can cause multiple problems as they shorten through years of sports, running or sitting at a desk.

Before you get started stretching, I recommend grabbing a soft surface like a yoga mat or a folded-up towel to place under your back knee.

Top 3 Active Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretches

These are not in any special ranking or order as I use them all at different times based on where I feel most tight in my hip flexor. However, you can use them all in the same stretching sessions if need be. Remember the best way to release your hip flexors is to hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds 2-3x daily.

Spiderman Lunge

active kneeling hip flexor stretch
  • Start in a plank position on your hands. 
  • Bring your right leg up to place your foot on the ground outside of your hand. 
  • Gently place your left knee on the ground. 
  • Hold this position pushing your hips into the ground and start turning your core to the right pushing the hip flexor towards the ground in different positions. 

Spiderman Lunge – Advanced

  • Start in the Spiderman stretch with your right leg forward.
  • Lift your right arm and reach towards the ceiling allowing your body to open up and twist into the left hip flexor even more. Remember to relax and breath through this stretch.

90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch

The 90-90 stretch is a great hip mobility exercises to help release your hip flexors and increase your squat range of motion. Watch the video below to learn the details of how to do perform the 90-90 hip stretch.

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90-90 Heel Lift Hip Stretch

  • You will start in a lunge with your front knee, ankle and hip at 90-degree angles each.
  • The back leg should also be in a 90-degree angle starting from the hip to the knee and the knee to the ankle.
  • On the front leg you want the hip and knee in straight alignment with the front foot.
  • Also keep your back leg and foot in a straight alignment.
  • Next you will do the heel lift portion. Reach back with your same side arm as back leg. Grab the front of your foot and pull it up towards your glutes. The pulling up of the back leg isolates the front of the thigh targeting the hip flexor. If lifting the back leg is too intense at first just lower the back leg and start with a regular 90 90 hip stretch.
  • Now contract your core and stretch your hips forward by tightening your glutes and doing a pelvic tilt. This is the position to help release your hips.

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The Licorice Lunge


One of the best active kneeling hip flexor stretches is the Licorice lunge! If you were to only commit to 1 stretch a day for your hip flexors this would be that stretch! Introducing the “Licorice Lunge”. This is an advanced hip flexor stretch and you may have to work up to this stretch.

  • You are going to start this stretch with your right knee up against a workout bench or wall with your foot extended up the wall.
  • Bring your left leg into a lunge position. 
  • Sit upright in the lunge position putting both hands on your left knee. 
  • Slowly rock back and forth to loosen this position before we get into the stretch.
  • Sitting upright again perform a pelvic tilt by curling your butt under and pressing your hips forward.
  • With a pelvic tilt and pushing your hips forward and downward you will slowly lift your right arm up as high as possible to open the entire right side of your hip flexor.

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